Image: Design proposal for the People's Environmental Center by Blaine Abaray and Darin Barnes
Second-Year Spring 2006 Studio

The Treme neighborhood is northwest of the French Quarter and primarily a residential neighborhood. Ujamaa Square is one of very few open green spaces in the area. The 87,000 sq. ft. urban site contains the Ujamaa Activity Center, St. Ann Shrine, St. Ann Apartments, two abandoned Head Start buildings, an abandoned two-story house, and a caretaker’s house.

Funding and Support                        
Wentworth’s work in New Orleans has been funded in part by a Boston Society of Architects Research Grant, Wentworth’s Center for Community and Learning Partnerships, and travel grants from the institute’s President. Students and faculty continue fundraising this fall in order to return in January and March 2007 to construct the remediation garden.  

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