Project Locus


Funding and Support                        
The construction of the new House of Dance and Feathers was funded by: $50,000 grant from the Charles Engelhart Foundation and a $5000.00 grant from the Barry Downing Foundation (Wichita, Kansas). In-kind Material donations were given by several local businesses in New Orleans including Flavor Paper, Sherwin-Williams, the Green Project and United Tile, as well as Lucite International. FEMA recovery money funded the rehabilitation of the Lewis Residence. Donations from numerous material suppliers supplemented the budget. The preparation for and construction of the museum space was supported by:  the Tulane City Center (logistics and consultation), CITYbuild Consortium of Schools (logistics, consultation, grant writing), Common Ground (bioremediation for Lewis Residence), and the University of Montana School of Environmental Policy (fundraising, demolition, construction of solar powered shop for use on-site).

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