Friends of CITYbuild

Aubrey Edwards Photography | www.aubreyedwards.com

PEX Tubing Universe | www.pexuniverse.com

Design Corps | www.designcorps.org

The Green Project | www.thegreenproject.org

Project Locus | www.projectlocus.org

The SEED Network | www.seed-network.org

Contributors to CITYbuild

Merril Putnam
Boston College
CITYbuild Intern, Summer 2006

Jess Garza
CITYbuild Research Associate

Meghan Lewis
Kinkaid School
CITYbuild Intern, January 2007

Thank you to our Donors

CITYbuild would like to thank the following individuals and organizations for their support of New Orleans rebuilding projects, our Community Partners, and Member Schools.

Boston Architectural College

University of Massachusetts,Amherst Testing Laboratory

University of Kansas

The William T. Kemper Foundation

Central Junior High School, Lawrence, KS

Project Locus

Charles Engelhardt Foundation, Missoula, Montana

Barry Downing Foundation, Wichita, Kansas

Lucite International | www.lucite.com

Flavor Paper, New Orleans | www.flavorleague.com

Sherwin-Williams, New Orleans
United Tile, New Orleans

The Green Project, New Orleans | www.thegreenproject.org

Wentworth Institute of Technology

Amy Brown, Ujamaa CDC
Russell Blanding, RWB Construction
Earthea Nance, People’s Environmental Center
Brice White, People’s Environmental Center
Hilary Strobel, Replant New Orleans
Mel Chin, Artist
Rufus Chaney, Scientist USDA-ARS
Howard Mielke,  Xavier University
Sharlene Leurig, Masters Candidate in City Planning at MIT
Kevin Benham, Landworks Milwaukee
Luisa Oliviera, City of Cambridge
Mark Klophfer, Wentworth Institute of Technology
Francis J. Hopcroft, Wentworth Institute of Technology
Monique Hardin, Advocates for Environmental Human Rights
Center for Community Learning and Partnerships at WIT




Many thanks to PEX Universe who provide PEX Plumbing supplies and Radiant Heating needs such as: PEX tubing, PEX manifolds, PEX fittings, PEX pipe, PEX Tools for Tubing and Taco 007.


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