Some great benefits of DIY PEX

PEX piping has gained a lot of attention over time and numerous people are using these pipes for residential purposes. It is a favorite among home owners because it is one of the reliable options to choose from. There are plenty of benefits of DIY PEX piping in the home and letís have a look at few.

Easy installation

It is true that PEX is very easy to install and requires least fittings which is one of the best features. Also, it needs lesser fixtures as compared to copper piping. It is true that there are fewer fittings needed during the installation of PEX. You will be surprised to know that PEX tubes can turn to 90 degrees which provide a flexible installation. Also, PEX is less in weight and plumbers can easily install it without much labor. You can also do it by yourself but make sure to read the instructions carefully. On the other hand, copper fittings are a bit difficult to install and require more time for installation. In short, it can be said that it offers easy installation and requires no torch to create connections.

Very durable

This is white cat who behold pex tubing installation processDurability is another feature of PEX tubing. It can withstand extreme temperatures both hot and cold. PEX pipes can withstand over minus 120 degree Celsius of temperature and survive in extremely hot temperature as well. You can also use this kind of piping for underground purposes. It does not corrode easily which is one of the best features of PEX tube. It is true that PEX is the most durable piping available till date.

Cost effective

It requires least installation time which simply reflects that DIY PEX piping is one of the cost effective solutions. It requires least labor cost and thus saves your valuable money. Also, all the material used for PEX tubing tools comes at reasonable price; you can save money from this aspect as well.

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